I had it in my mind to go to Europe, I didn’t know what the direction was exactly but I just wanted to go to Europe. The mindset and the thought was to go there, the country wasn’t precise I didn’t even know what country I could get to, land in. There was France, Spain, Italy, but at that time you could arrive either in Spain or in Italy. But I didn’t know exactly where to arrive. However, when I was in Libya, I had already understood that one could disembark either in Italy or in Malta, because the ships come to rescue us and take us either to Italy or to Malta.


I had in my mind that I was going to Europe, even if I didn’t know which direction was right, but I always had the mentality and the thought of going to Europe. The country wasn’t precise, I didn’t even know which country I could arrive in, either Spain or Italy. Because at that time there was also the direction to Spain or Italy, but I didn’t know where to go yet. […] When I was in Libya I knew that the countries we could approach were either Malta or Italy. Because when they rescue you, then they decide where you can disembark. But when we were in Libya the objective was either Italy or to disembark in Malta.


Avevo nella mente di andare in Europa, non sapevo qualera la direzione esattamente, ma volevo solo andare in Europa. La mentalità e il pensiero era di andare lì, il Paese non era preciso non sapevo neanche in quale Paese potevo arrivare, sbarcare. C’era la Francia, la Spagna, l’Italia, ma in quell’epoca si poteva arrivare o in Spagna o in Italia. Ma non sapevo esattamente dove arrivare. Quando invece ero in Libia avevo già capito che si poteva sbarcare o in Italia o in Malta, perché le navi vengono, ci salvano e ci portano o in Italia o a Malta.


Avevo nella mente che andavo in Europa, anche se non sapevo quale era la direzione giusta, però avevo sempre la mentalità e il pensiero di andare in Europa. Il paese non era preciso, non sapevo neanche in quale paese potevo arrivare, o in Spagna o in Italia. Perché a quell’epoca c’era anche la direzione per la Spagna o anche per l’Italia, però non sapevo ancora dove andare. […] Quando mi trovavo in Libia ho saputo che i paesi in cui potevamo sbarcare erano o Malta o l’Italia. Perché quando ti salvano le navi, poi decidono dove ti fanno sbarcare. Però quando stavamo in Libia l’obiettivo era o l’Italia o di sbarcare a Malta.

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