Re-imagining PERCEPTIONS in sound

The purpose of this activity is to use sound, music and emotions they produce to reinvent dominant perceptions and migration narratives. Drawing on the findings from the PERCEPTIONS interviews, this activity re-constructs and mediates the topics of hope, faith, disorientation central to migrants’ experiences and imaginations.

Mobile Exhibition

The purpose of this activity is to raise awareness about migrant experiences and perceptions of Europe, drawing on the findings from the PERCEPTIONS interviews.The exhibition reflects on migrants’ experiences of arrival to Wales and the ways in which places of hospitality are negotiated and re-created in the city of Swansea.


The aim is to co-design a Twitter bot, as a cost-effective and fun way to raise awareness about some of the issues explored in the PERCEPTIONS project (e.g., migration stereotypes) while reaching out to a large audience and encouraging conversations.

“Journey” – Exhibition & Workshop

The aim of this activity was to utilise creative approaches of research to bring to the fore the previously unheard perceptions of children on migration. This activity brought together interdisciplinary actors (artists, social researchers, teachers, and families) to experiment and co-create artistic resources to initiate conversations on migration and community amongst the broader public. The creative approaches enabled the children to symbolically represent their attitudes and understandings of migration, reaching beyond language and grasping the more-than-rational.

Re-imagining stories: Animation Workshop

The aim is to re-imagine the narratives and perceptions of Europe created by migrants, bringing together shifting narrative voices, migrants’ points of view, responses from broader audience and geographical frames of reference. It reshapes public opinions about migration. This interactive activity develops new ways of thinking about migrant journeys to avoid reductive interpretations used by policy-makers and front line practitioners that often oversimplify both fictional worlds of migration and lived experiences.

Online Roundtable Discussion

This activity aims to create a virtual and dynamic discussion space to stimulate discussion among the experts working in migrant reception, integration, and support on the sensitive migration-related issues that emerge from the PERCEPTIONS project. It will use creative multimodal design (visual images, sound, streamed video) to engage with different PERCEPTIONS narratives, use different grammar of analysing images, and foster new modes of communication that transcend geographic distances and boundaries.

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