Utilization of Methodology for enhanced Assessment on Best Practices at the EU level

Ioannis Bagkatzounis (KEMEA)

The main objective of this policy brief is to provide an overview of the main methodological challenges in the field of best practices assessment in relation to narratives about Europe/the EU. Moreover, it provides policy recommendations as well as a structured approach which is intended to create fertile ground for actors, allowing them to conduct an enhanced Best Practices assessment at the European Union (EU) level. This policy brief also points out outcomes from the collection of measures, good practices, countermeasures, tools, and approaches utilized for assessing misleading narratives, and unbiased expectations towards the EU whilst examining the perspective of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. In conclusion, several best practices and recommendations are identified. The aforementioned practices could potentially be established as feasible and effective approach to enhance the pre-established modus operandi, addressing contemporary methodological challenges within the field of migrants’ European narratives and perceptions.


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