Social media narratives on Europe and migration – seen from an outside Europe point of view

Author: Aygun Garayeva, Elisa Leonardelli, Sara Tonelli (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

In this report, we outline results from an investigation of the narratives conveyed online about Europe and migration. Noteworthy, and for the first time, the study relies on the collection of a large amount of public data from social media (Twitter), rather than field interviews. This methodology allowed the analysis of new aspects such as the magnitude and dynamics of narratives diffusion, as perceived outside Europe. The analysis of the social media data shows how the online flow of information (on Twitter) is strongly unbalanced, with content mainly produced in Europe and amplified outside, and Africa being especially receptive to Europe-related content. These insights can help in outlying strategies to address online communication and building appropriate narratives (or counter-narratives).


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