Beyond the Boats: Unpacking the Primary Drivers of Tunisian Migration

Author: Maha Yomn Sbaa (University of Bologna)

Tunisia is a country that has long grappled with emigration challenges. Over the years, many Tunisians have left the country in search of better economic opportunities and improved living conditions, often undertaking an irregular migration path. While irregular migration remains a challenge for Tunisia and Tunisian immigrants’ hosting countries, it is important to understand and analyse the underlying economic, political, and social drivers that push or pull Tunisian citizens to leave their country, as well as their perceptions of Europe, and the challenges they encounter throughout their migration journey. This policy brief aims to address key points that emerged from fieldwork conducted with experts in Tunisia, including CSO representatives, policymakers, and LEAs, on migration drivers and perceptions within the Tunisian context. The brief also provides recommendations to policymakers to help them develop targeted policies aimed at addressing the root causes of irregular migration.


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