The Role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in shaping perceptions

Andrea Leali, Nicole Gaglioti and Rita Biconne (ALDA)

CSOs provide a number of activities and services aimed at fostering the integration of migrants1 into society and are a main actor in the organisation of events designed to raise awareness about migrants’ situation and struggles. But does their work play a relevant role in shaping images and narratives of Europe which can influence migrants and people who intend to migrate? And if so, to what extent? Should they have more relevance in this field? What emerges from the study conducted is that CSOs already play an active role in this field, but it is limited due to several reasons mostly linked to the fact that a lack of cooperation and exchange of information between civil society organisations, governments and EU institutions exists. In order to overcome these obstacles, and ensure that CSOs’ work is more effective in shaping images and narratives about Europe, it appears necessary to undertake some actions, which include: deepening the cooperation between CSOs and European governments; improve the capacities of CSOs; and increase their involvement in migration policy-making, also at EU level.


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