Research for evidence-based policy in the area of migration

Author: Rut Bermejo-Casado, University Rey Juan Carlos

In response to the demand for a bridging between science (understood as expert knowledge and empirical evidence) and public policy – as well as the call for evidence-based policy-making – two questions need to be asked: first, what are the terms and characteristics of the problem; and second, what role is expected from science in policy-making? The answers to these questions are essential for the elaboration of precise and actionable recommendations that go beyond vague requests. After defining the terms of the problem at stake, this policy brief interrogates the current assumption that the primary role of science in policymaking should be to shape the “content” of policies. In order to get beyond this assumption, the relationships between different actors and procedures in both science and policymaking must be addressed. To this end, the authors propose: 1) the establishment of networks (or links) between researchers and policymakers that allow for dialogue and collaboration amongst both groups; 2) frequent contact that facilitates the use of a common language; and 3) progress towards a common evaluation culture. All of this must be accompanied by an improvement in the communication skills of both groups, as well as the creation of their own communication tools”


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