An Overview of Stakeholders Narratives on Perceptions and Misinformation regarding migration to Europe and migration policies

The purpose of this brochure is to disseminate research findings beyond standard academic circles. It aims to be a useful reference for professionals in the field of migration and, more broadly, anyone interested in migration as a societal phenomenon. Most importantly, it intends to provide feedback to research participants. Indeed, without their knowledge and generous contributions to the project, the research findings would have been unattainable. The brochure provides first an introduction, followed by a summarised list of key findings, and a brief section on research methodology. The main body of the brochure includes a more detailed description of the findings organised into five thematic parts: 1) perceptions, information and motivations for migrating, 2) migrants´ experiences: from origin to uncertain integration paths, 3) debates and challenges in transit and destination countries, 4) professionals´ views on their work and best practices, and lastly, 5) stakeholders´ recommendations for the future. A section on concluding remarks offers an overall discussion of the results, followed by a note on terminology and a list of project deliverables that the findings reported here are based on, some of which may be accessed through the project´s website for further reference.


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